GSClient English

Original English version Counter-Strike 1.6



Original English version CS 1.6 based on GSClient

  • Based GSClient
  • Clean build cs 1.6 based on original STEAM (build 8897)
  • No cheats and viruses
  • Ability to set your Avatar
  • Protection against damage to the client
  • Added blocking of forbidden commands from the server
  • Increased the speed of downloading files from the server
  • Fixed all bugs and client vulnerabilities
  • Optimized client settings for lag-free play
  • High quality Steam HD models
  • Top cs 1.6 servers in search
  • Automatic game update like in steam
  • Support for work on Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Added keyboard layout language flag
  • Launching in Steam mode (requires a game on your account)
  • The color of the chat is duplicated in the console
  • Fixed the position of the chat text input in spectator mode

  • Added smart bots from ReGameDLL
  • Bots can work in the mode DM
  • Added anti-cheat to the client
  • Russian language is available in the console
  • In the settings you can set a Russian nickname
  • Resources are downloaded to a folder cstrike_downloads
  • Screenshots and demos are saved to the folder cstrike_downloads
  • Quickly minimize and unfold the game
  • Windowed mode supported
  • Added Russian voice acting for radio commands
  • Added Russian voice acting for bots
  • Added Russian hostage voice acting
  • Favorites and History working tabs
  • Fixed chat position when hiding the radar
  • Improved SteamID generation for hardware
  • Improved voice chat quality
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    About GSClient

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    We express our deep gratitude to the creators of the project DEV-MS For the successful and accomplished work in creating the newest game client Counter-Strike 1.6 « GSClient » as well as customer support « GSClient » up to date.